If you’ve been to college, then you’ll know first-hand how expensive it is. In the modern world, countless young adults are saddling themselves with debt for the rest of their lives in an attempt to get themselves an education and, hopefully, a successful career.

But for a select few young women, they’ve unburdened themselves of their student debt thanks to sugar daddies.

The concept of sugar daddies is nothing new. For years, beautiful young women have been providing older men with companionship (and more) in exchange for financial support. Now, thanks to the internet, sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships are becoming more popular. One sugar baby, who went by the pseudonym of Jessica, has recently opened up about her experience to FEMAIL– having first decided to become a sugar baby after seeing an ad for the popular sugaring website Seeking Arrangement on Facebook. Check out the video below where advice is given to any would-be sugar babies:

As a result of Jessica’s decision to become a sugar baby, she enjoys regular meals out, expensive gifts, paid college tuition, and a monthly allowance of $5,000 – all paid for by her two sugar daddies, who are aged 27 and 40 respectively. “At first I clicked on the site out of curiosity, but instantly I was intrigued by what some of the college Sugar Babies had to say about their ‘Sugar lifestyle’ and how their ‘Daddies’ would offer to pay off their tuition and rent as well as buy them lavish gifts,” Jessica told FEMAIL. “Being a student myself, the idea just seemed appealing to me and so I signed up from there.” Jessica is currently studying veterinary science at Sydney University and works part-time as a cheerleading and music coach. After signing up to Seeking Arrangement, she said that she received a number of messages from men who assumed that she was a prostitute, but after filtering through them, she eventually found suitable Sugar Daddies. “Everyone is different and some men don’t understand what it means to be a ‘Sugar Daddy’. At first, I had a lot of messages coming through asking for ‘NSA fun in PPM form’ which means no strings attached fun in pay per meet form.” Pictured are some of the many expensive gifts that Jessica has received from her sugar daddies. “In Seeking Arrangement this is a big no-no. We don’t allow PPM as sugar babies are not escorts; we’re here to form long-term relationships and we want to make sure our allowances are regular and consistent.” “I would say it took me a few months of sugar dating to understand what I was looking for so I could be more selective about who I wanted to be in an arrangement with.” Speaking about her own Sugar Daddies, Jessica said, “They’re on the site because being successful business owners/CEO’s etc. they don’t have a lot of time left for traditional dating so they need someone who won’t be too reliant or needy on having to see them all the time.” “One of my ‘Daddies’ lives interstate so I actually don’t get to see him that much except for the occasional trips to each other’s cities.”

“He doesn’t give me an allowance but instead pays for my tuition and extracurricular activities and likes to spoil me with gifts from time to time. We talk every day and we’re very comfortable around each other.”

Jessica’s relationship with her second Sugar Daddy, however, is more akin to a traditional relationship and they meet up once a week.

“He gives me an allowance of roughly $4,000 to $5,000 a month. The beauty of these arrangements is that you don’t have to sleep with your Sugar Daddy if you don’t want to. You set the terms and conditions.”

Despite saying that there is no need to have sex with Sugar Daddies, Jessica said that it is “eventually on the cards”. “Being a girl, I feel like you’re constantly getting pressured into being intimate and that is where I draw the line and understand the difference between a ‘Sugar Daddy’ and a ‘Salt Daddy’,” Jessica said. Salt Daddy is a term used to refer to men who use Seeking Arrangement but do not have the financial means to support their Sugar Baby. In addition to dating her Sugar Daddies, she is free to date other men at the same time. “Sugar Daddies should be gentlemen and should want to invest in their Babies’ futures. You don’t have to sleep with them if you don’t want to, but I feel that’s on the cards eventually,” Jessica continued.

“The expectation in return is that the Baby should take care of her Daddy and make sure that he’s happy with her companionship.”

Unlike sex workers, who are arguably at a high risk of bad experiences, Jessica said that the worst thing that she has experienced as a Sugar Baby are a few bad dates, and as her Daddies are paying for her tuition, she does not see it as a permanent source of income. “My part-time jobs make enough to cover what I need for day-to-day living, but the arrangements have helped me save up a lot more for myself and I have the luxury to do things I normally would never be able to do like fine dining and travel,” she said. “I’m certain this is temporary and it won’t be a permanent thing. I think I’ll continue ‘Sugaring’ for a few more years until I’ve finished my degree and have settled into a full-time job but for now, I’m really young and I don’t see myself leaving the Sugar bowl just yet.” When asked if she had any advice for aspiring Sugar Babies, Jessica said, “From my experience, Daddies love an intelligent Baby and if they can see you are driven, they find it an extremely attractive quality.”

“Also, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! I’m someone who likes to make the first move so if I see a profile I like, I’ll send them a quick message introducing myself and seeing if we’re able to click.”

Jessica’s decision to become a sugar baby might seem shocking, but in Australia alone, she is one of 100,000 young women who are using Seeking Arrangement where the average Sugar Baby allowance is $2,900 a month.

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