( CNN) A couple of months ago, I rested in front of more than 4,000 Air Force Academy cadets and delivered a simple message in response to a prejudiced occurrence that occurred at our preparatory school: If you can’t discuss person with glory and respect — get out.

Ultimately, it turned out that one of the individuals thought to be a casualty have in fact wreaked the accident. True-life to my meaning, that individual is no longer at the preparatory school because their actions, regardless of scoot or intentions, were counter to the culture of respect and respect we require at the United States Air Force Academy.

The short-lived pronunciation started viral and settle our establishment at the center of an ongoing national dialogue on hasten. I was honored to receive letters of support from airmen and military members, congressmen and congresswomen, major US and allied detectives, and individuals around the world. These symbols may have been addressed to me, but they universally spoke of their respect and admiration for our academy, our cadets, and the men and women who work here.

Tuskegee Airmen receive provoking welcome