Companies have been caught multiple times plagiarising artworks for their own increase, but this story is different. When Weinye Chen, a 30 -year-old cartoonist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia , noticed that Domino’s Chile branch was squandering her sucking on their Facebook page, she took action right away. After the initial stillnes, nonetheless, the company transmitted some words “thats been” a little bit passive-aggressive to say the least.

“I was appalled at first, ” Chen told Mashable . “I’ve had my work plagiarised before but usually by small-time, random social media notes or unknown websites. Nothing like this. This has been my greatest meeting yet.” Chen, who has over 123,000 Instagram followers, shared a screenshot of the whole ordeal with her devotees and it quickly started viral.

“I knew I requirement as much supporter as I could get as I’ve never been in this position before, ” Chen explained. “There have been many other cases where big corporations have plagiarized artwork from indie artists and most of the time, the cases never get resolved, leaving the artists defenseless and helpless. So, I was really concerned about that.”

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Artist Weinye Chen challenged Domino’s Pizza for plagiarism

After Domino’s affixed’ their’ instance on social media

Looks familiar? Here’s the original employment by Chen

Weinye made it to Facebook indicated that she wasn’t asked for permission

And when the company was confronted by her, their response was the worst

The internet wasn’t happy about it, too

Until Weinye ultimately made matters into her own hands

Let her explain how it unfolded

People had more to say about the ordeal

What’s your take on this situation?

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