Barb’s dreadful going from the “Stranger Things” world is still a sore point for Canadian barista Abigail Bahnman.

So, when Shannon Purser — who played the ill-fated Barbara Holland on the Netflix sci-fi series — strolled into the Vancouver Starbucks where Bahnman directs this week, she wrote her a letter of the assistance provided 😛 TAGEND

Yes, Bahnman pent “Barb deserved better” onto Purser’s cup. Purser shared a snap of the letter to Twitter, and it’s now becoming viral.

“Whenever an actor comes through that I know of and am a fan of, I like to send them a bit sense as my road of fangirling mutely and not making a scene, ” Bahnman told HuffPost.

“I was emphatically not expecting it get blow up and for all of Twitter to see it, ” she added.

The message went down well on Twitter, where many parties invoked the tongue-in-cheek “Justice for Barb” expedition, which cleaned the internet following the character’s untimely extinction in the first season of the show.