Meghan Markle is a natural at the whole imperials stuff.

The soon-to-be duchess accompanied her first official engagement alongside Queen Elizabeth on Monday for a Commonwealth Day work at Westminster Abbey. She was joined by Prince Harry and William, the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

According to royals and body language professionals, with just two months to go before her wedding to Harry, the American-born actress fit in seamlessly with the royal family — and even knew all the words to “God Save the Queen.”

DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS via Getty Images Meghan Markle fixes her nature into the service behind Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, and his wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

“Meghan is clearly once an integrated part of the family, ” Myka Meier, a sovereign etiquette professional and the founder of Beaumont Etiquette, told HuffPost.

“Her posture demonstrated confidence, her see contact with the other royals wants she’s on their statu, and her newly smoothed examination advocates she’s espousing both the British culture and its own position, ” Meier added.

WPA Pool via Getty Images Markle, set behind the queen, Prince Charles and the duchess of Cornwall, seemed cool, calm and collected at her first big-hearted sovereign phenomenon.

WPA Pool via Getty Images All smiles.

Though there was little direct their relationships with Her Majesty, Markle hit all the right lines during her enter into the church, read Traci Brown, a body language expert and writer of Persuasion Point: Body language and Speech for Influence.

“In fact, I’d speak she seemed more tighten than Prince Harry, Prince William and Duchess Kate, ” Brown responded.

In one photo, Markle is the only one without her mitts policing her torso neighbourhood — a common self-soothing behavior countless people default to in high-pressure status, according to Brown.( Prince Harry led viral the last time he drew the moveat an incident with first lady Melania Trump .)

Chris Jackson via Getty Images The “fab four, “ as they’ve come to be known, making such a acces into Westminster Abbey.

“Kate is protecting the baby, Harry is depicting his trademark 1/2 hand in the case to soothe himself and William is keeping himself from the chaos around as well, ” she remarked. “Everyone is in step except for William, and that has demonstrated that they’re a tight group.”

For Markle, that closeness with Duchess Kate — the pair used last ensure laughing at the inaugural Royal Foundation Forum — is very likely to serve her hole as she transitions to life as a imperial.

“The duchess has already gone through the transformation that Meghan is currently undergoing, ” Meier alleged. “Their relationship is likely not only one of soon-to-be-family, but also one of mentorship and friendship.”

WPA Pool via Getty Images When it comes to meeting people, Markle has a natural freedom, body language experts remark.

Markle seems to be doing just fine in her royal tutelage, pronounced Grant Harrold, an etiquette professional who goes by the moniker “The Royal Butler” after sufficing for the royal family.

When the queen arrived to the sprains of “God Save the Queen, ” Markle seemed to have all the words memorized.

“Considering it’s absolutely no truth to the rumors national hymn, she did a wonderful racket with that, ” Harrold articulated. “After all, how many British people are able to sing’ The Star-Spangled Banner’? ”

After the service, Markle and the rest of the royal family saluted and experienced heydays from those collected outside the church. As normal, Markle had no problem interacting with the public, read Patti Wood, a body language professional and author of Snap: Compiling the Most of First Impressions, Body language& Charisma.

“There was a wonderful instant when she was interacting with a little girl and she rightfully glances so tighten and glad, ” she enunciated. “I think that part of the role is something she’s very comfortable with. She was a little more apprehensive during the service, but she gets an A+ for so enthusiastically and effortlessly interacting with people.”

Samir Hussein via Getty Images The soon-to-be duchess squatted down to meet a young devotee.

Her ease with the public prompts Harrold of Princess Diana.

“Meghan’s a hugger, just like William and Harry’s mom, ” he supposed. “Last week, she was painted gripping a schoolgirl which won the hearts of the nation.”

“She has an American approaching to happens, but there’s nothing inaccurate with that, ” he supplemented. “In fact, it is likely to aid constitute the empire appeal to a new and younger gathering as we move further into the 21 st century.”