Tale of modern dating that grew online hotshot leads to two-book enter into negotiations with Scout Press to publish floor collect You Know You Miss This in 2019

The author of the online agitation Cat Person has a seven-figure US book deal.

Scout Press, an imprint of Simon& Schuster, told the Associated Press on Tuesday that Kristen Roupenian’s debut story collection You Know You Demand This is scheduled for the springtime of 2019. Scout Press did not disclose business detailed information about the two-book consider, which also includes a novel. But two publicizing officials told the AP that entreat topped$ 1m. The administrators spoke on condition of obscurity because they were not authorized to discuss mediations. Last week, freedoms in the United Kingdom were obtained by publisher Jonathan Cape.

Cat Person, released by the New Yorker earlier this month, is the imaginary storey of a 20 -year-old woman and a 34 -year-old man who become friendly through texting and of the disillusion that follows. It promptly went viral and was widely pondered and psychoanalyzed, with the Washington Post admiring the legend for capturing” its own experience not of print-oriented, older scholastics but of millennials.

” As some Twitter customers said, young people rarely look the phenomenon of modern dating- assemble online, talking through text contents, moving to in-person encounters shadowed with the high expectations of sex- taken so seriously ,” wrote the Post’s Molly Roberts.

Roupenian, who received an MFA from the University of Michigan, has told the New Yorker that Cat Person was inspired by a” a small but nasty encounter” she had with person she convened online. In its edict on Tuesday, Scout Press said that You Know You Miss This would” explore the complex- and often dark and funny- the linkages between gender, sexuality, and dominance, across categories .”

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