One of best available Saturday Night Live sketches this week was trimmed for meter, but NBC played abruptly to get it up online. It makes smell, extremely. This sketch has it all: J.J. Abrams. Star Wars thoughts. Charles Barkley, even.

The premise is simple: Abrams is introducing another Star Wars spin-off movie, The Mos Eisley Five: A Star Wars Story . It’s about the working group on smugglers that he says frisked a key in establishing the Rebel base on Hoth( the one from Empire Strikes Back ).

In truth, Abrams’ excerpt uncover is an SNL representation that asks why everyone in the Star Wars universe seems to speak and/ or understand a dozen or more different foreigner or droid words. Charles Barkley, this week’s guest multitude, does the asking. The humor writes itself from there.

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