( CNN) Juli Briskman was taking a bicycle ride when President Donald Trump’s motorcade drove by. She did what moves and bikers often do when something pisses them off on the road leading: She flung the motorcade the bird.

No biggie, right? Until a photograph of her opening the finger disappeared viral. Briskman marked herself and affixed the photo to her own social media notes, and the coming week, her bos fuelled her. The rationalization they passed her, Briskman says, was that she infringed their social media programme.

If that’s why Briskman was shot, it mounts a frightening precedent. Yes, the worker who visibly identify themselves with a company on social media should be careful not to bridge major routes: Don’t harass people, don’t berth bigoted and discriminatory content, don’t have taken part in behavior that by definition forms you a unfriendly force in the workplace( like, say, going to a Nazi revival ). Twitter would probably be a better place if professional consequences for persecution and racism were more common.