Growing up, a lot of people have wild, extravagant and unrealistic ideas about what their jobs as adults will be. I wanted to be a Pokémon trainer, and after asking Santa on numerous occasions to make them real, I eventually accepted it wasn’t going to happen.

But if your dream job as a child was being a chicken nugget connoisseur, you’re in luck!

A little-known fact about this fast food stable was that it was invented in the 1950s. Surprisingly, it wasn’t by McDonald’s, but by science professor Robert C. Baker. The food might be synonymous with McDonald’s now, but the restaurant didn’t sell them until 1980. Now there are four recognized shapes of chicken nuggets at McDonald’s – the bell, bone (now bow), ball, and boot. Sadly, however, it is not McDonald’s who are on the hunt for a “Chicken Nugget Connoisseur” – yes, that’s the job’s listed title – but the British bargain supermarket chain B&M who are famed for their economically priced tinned goods. They’re now branching out into fresh and frozen foods and that’s where you could potentially come in. The supermarket chain needs a poultry expert to help them get their nuggets just right. But that’s not all you’ll be sampling… The job will also involve taste tasting non-poultry products like including fish fingers, French fries, donner meats and curries. Admittedly, this isn’t a job for anyone who is looking to lose weight in 2018. Here’s the full job description in all its delicious glory!

“Looking for a new challenge to tuck into in 2018? You’ll want to take a bite out of this, as we’re looking for a tasty new individual, who’ll be worth their weight in… food. B&M is currently one of the fastest growing discount retailers and we’re always looking to expand our range of products. Next month, we’ll be launching a brand new fresh and frozen food range in a selection of our stores nationwide. To help us ensure that the range is the best in the country, we’re offering one lucky person the chance to taste test some of our range.”

And if you love nuggets but hate the calories, check out this much healthier recipe:

However, B&M don’t just want anyone for the job, the ideal candidate will have experience in “Getting the 20 share box of nuggets from McDonald’s… for yourself” and be able to distinguish “the importance of a fish finger sandwich in life.” So, aside from the free food, what payment can you expect from being a chicken nugget connoisseur? Well, it’s not as great as we’d hope it would be. Unfortunately, the lucky person who lands the job will receive £25 ($34) worth of B&M vouchers each month to “to spend on fresh and frozen food” so there is no point in handing in your notice at your current job just yet. If you want to apply for the position, you can do so here. On the subject of job ads, not all are created equally. While a lot of companies lure unsuspecting employees in with flashy job titles and benefits that never materialize, one wine bar in England decided to be brutally honest about what their bar staff are expected to do. The incredibly honest ad was posted on Twitter by user Ruth Mitchell, who wrote, “Today’s award for the most honest job ad goes to…” The bar’s owner, Darren Ayres, said he has been “quite taken aback by the interest” and explained why they had taken such a tongue-in-cheek approach to hiring new employees – “Increasingly fierce” competition in the area has forced them to get creative. “It has meant that we have had to ramp up the message when putting out a job advert having had very little response from a previously more staid advert.” “We ourselves have been caught off guard at the response that has been generated by the window advert both locally and further afield.” “It was clearly meant to be tongue-in-cheek, with a touch of honesty thrown in. And we are happy that it made people smile,” Ayres continued. “Hopefully my new staff will not keep me to the job description, but you never know!” Well, let’s also hope that whoever lands the job of chicken nugget connoisseur enjoys the role as much as we’d hope. Many people’s childhood fantasies are resting on it.

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