There’s been quite a bit of back-and-forth floating around between Dr. Luke and

Well , now, Dr. Luke has liberated a brand new word through his legal counsel significantly disavowing any and all sexual assault charges against him.

This statement is a whopper( below ):

“Kesha and her law unit are fully aware that Ms. Perry has unequivocally confirmed that she was not raped by Dr. Luke. Kesha and her attorneys should be ashamed of themselves for not publicly acknowledging this and apologizing.

Instead, they are still broadcast this and other falsifications. In detail, Kesha’s fallacious accusation involving Ms. Perry came to public light only because Kesha’s lawyers filed these allegations publicly.

Kesha’s recent press release saying that a music administration told her that Dr. Luke had raped Katy Perry is fully contradicted by that exec. He denied saying that.

Contrary to her latest derogatory press statement, the evidence presented, including sworn testimony, will show the full extent and scope of the ribald fallacies Kesha spread.

As the old-time and true-life proverb travels: Oh what a tangled network you entwine when firstly you pattern to deceive.”

Wow … what a last-place front, right ?!?!?!

No response more from Kesha’s legal squad reacting to that replies from Kesha’s legal team, but as soon as we hear something, we’ll let you know.

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