Having long hair is no planned undertaking, peculiarly if you want it to look good. For a lot of beings, retain their yummy fastens takes up substantial amounts of experience- whether it’s spent laundering their fuzz or straightening and tweaking it to perfection.

An lamentable by-product of long whisker, nonetheless, is the digres manes that manage to making such a mode onto a person’s storey. Speaking as the status of women with long “hairs-breadth”, I have no option but to hoover each time I bone-dry or straighten it because of how much I cast.

Long hair presents a problem when you’re spending a lot of duration at your significant other’s home if they’ve not got long hair themselves, as you unintentionally end up throwing onto their flooring, something which eventually got too much for the guy in the picture above.

The final straw for 20 -year-old Keenan Meakin rose where reference is put on a duo of socks, only to discover that his toes were mired in his lover Sophie’s hair. Infuriated, he went on an explosive textbook tirade that almost everyone can relate to in one behavior or another.

Sophie announced the amusing exchange on social media with the caption,” Love going nice texts off my boyfriend “.

Keenan began the humorous exchange by writing 😛 TAGEND

” You’re prohibited from grazing your “hairs-breadth” in my room now. I’m bored of meeting f* cking whisker everywhere .

If I f *** ed you off and make international borders collie stay there three times a few weeks instead there would be no inconsistency at all .”

The exchange was met with a lot of praise on social media, with countless other guys saying they had the same trouble with their girlfriends.

Sophie opened up about their dispute in an interview with UNILAD 😛 TAGEND

” I was at college with my teammates and then I got a text’ I’m so sick of this whisker’ and I just got this big tirade about my whisker. Then his mum was messaging me about my fuzz, saying she always hoovered it up everywhere .

He was like’ it’s everywhere it stays to everything, it’s all over me all the time ‘, he had a right tantrum .

Then in the morning when I was getting ready for wield, I was about to brush my fuzz and he time shouted’ stop’ and realise me go in the other office .

After the verse word proceeded viral he only retained saying that everyone agreed with him .”

While Keenan might have been upset by the sheer sum of Sophie’s hair in his room, if her selfies are anything to go by, it’s certainly worth the maintenance work.

Check out the video below which perfectly typifies the fight of having long fuzz :

Keenan also complained about Sophie’s hair get entangled in his blinds and transgressing them. After the sock occurrence, he decided to freight her for the costs of restoring them- although we incredulity he actually regarded her to this.

In response to Keenan’s meltdown, Sophie settled 😛 TAGEND

” What do you are willing to to do? Not touch my fuzz? Get dreads? Oh my idol. You’re so additional .”

As Keenan terminated the controversy, he told Sophie that enough was fairly and that she would have to clean her hair outside his room in future.

Although, guessing by the giggling emojis, Keenan clearly recognized how ridiculous he was being by the end of his rant.

Keenan also spoke to UNILAD about his viral tirade 😛 TAGEND

” I was fuming haha simply threw my job sock on and there was whisker inside everything there is wrapped around my toes and it gets everywhere, in the plot on my robes .

I tell it slip for a while but I was in a bad humor so I just let loose on her. I can’t even remember now I was that fuming at the time, she goes and grazes it in my mom’s office now .

She started covering it in my room the other daytime and I communicated her out .”

While we’d like to assume that the viral verse from March helped to bring the young pair closer together, in accordance with their Facebook sketches, they have now split.

But I’m sure they’ll laugh the hilarity their spat created in years to come.

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