There are a lot of reasons to get a tattoo — to reputation a loved one, imagine a spiritual or life destination, or just for the aesthetic appeal.

( They do look pretty cool, after all .)

Tattoos can also symbolize that you belong to and identify passionately with a certain group — like the recently prominent semicolon tattoo that means a person’s battle with hollow or suicidal thoughts.

Now a group of mommas is banding together with their own tattoos that symbolize their family’s know-how with Down syndrome.

A group of these moms lately met up at a Ruby’s Rainbow hideaway — a nonprofit that elevates funds to get beings with Down syndrome the education and training they need to succeed in the world — when they decided to get coinciding tattoos to celebrate their unique bond.

Designer Mica May was among those in the group, and she came up with a conception on the spot :< strong> three arrows stacked on top of each other .

They decided to call it the “Lucky Few” tattoo in reference to a popular diary about Down syndrome.

Photo via missdaleyteachessped/ Instagram, used with permission

In an Instagram berth, May expressed the view that the concept had come to her in a dream, though she first wasn’t sure what it necessitate.

The other mommies “ve noticed that” the number three seemed to be incredibly figurative of Down syndrome, too announced trisomy 21, in which children are born with three copies of the 21 st chromosome.

This genetic inconsistency settles people affected by Down syndrome at greater gamble for certain health conditions and existing different invites for them in the way they hear and move around the world.

Down syndrome changes about 6, 000 babes in the United States ever year.

Photo via Instagram, used with permission

Now the movement is leading viral, with mothers, educators, and loved ones of people with Down syndrome all over the country joining in.

People who admit they never thought they’d get a tattoo are get under the needle to establish their ardour and support for people affected by the syndrome.

Photo via cay_young_/ Instagram, used with permission

Hundreds are taking to Instagram employing the hashtag #theluckyfewtattoo to share their photos and stories.

Photo via kaiandmal/ Instagram, used in conjunction with permission.

Some mothers have even unionized mass tattoo-ing events in their area.

The Mightyreports that one radical in California had over 260 neighbourhood moms sign up to get the tattoo at the same local shop.

Photo by Nicole Eliason Photography, used with permission.

Photo by Nicole Eliason Photography, used in conjunction with permission.

Parenting a child with Down syndrome can be a tremendously challenging one. It can also be extremely rewarding.

The predicaments can be enormous, but one examine found that parents of children with Down syndrome self-reported that their outlook on life was more positive than before, with the experience teaching them brand-new breadths of enjoy and compassion.

Elle Westover, who shared her own tattoo on Instagram recently, applied it like this: “The Arrows, because we can only launch forward after we have been gathered back and stretched.”

Photo via ellewestover/ Instagram, used in conjunction with permission

There’s no overrating how much a feeling of belonging can help people through hard times. The Lucky Few Tattoo is a constant, visual remember for these parents of why the challenges are worth it.

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