Washington( CNN) The lily-white Obama “O” logo pop on the pitch-black sneaker. Below, written in all covers is “MBK Alliance, ” for the onetime president’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative. And on the midsole, the “SC” logo for Steph Curry’s shoe line. It’s an all-star collaboration between one of the biggest symbols in politics and one of the most important brand in signature sneakers, a one-of-one, worn by Curry formerly, at Washington’s Capital One Arena in February. Curry made them up for a charity expedition this week, with fans able to gift $10 for the opportunity to win them.

So Curry’s shoes felt like an ejaculation assessment on the expedition. They were a show of support for the previous chairman and his office, but too a show of contempt the present one, and in the heart of his adopted presidential hometown no less. And they were part of an surfacing trend.

Apr 13, 2018 at 8: 32 pm PDT