Longtime singer Howie Day — excellent known for his enormous 2004 mega-hit single Collide — was busted for domestic violence cases late last-place month in Seattle after allegedly onslaught his lover at SeaTac Airport.

The alleged incident is merely coming to sunlight now after a police report was obtained by

The incident allegedly occurred when Carrie Pencek, Howie’s girlfriend of eight years, came to collect him up at the airport.

Even before Carrie arrived, Howie was apparently already “throwing a tantrum” that was captivated on surveillance video — and that included flinging his guitar contingency onto the sidewalk.

By the time Carrie arrived, Howie started hurling the hatch of their Toyota RAV4, inducing significant damage to the car.

And then after Carrie get out of the car to help him with his crates, Howie supposedly started screaming at her and pushing her, extremely.

Howie apparently ran away from the stage at that point, after which Carrie pennant down a police officer and alerted them to this behavior — demeanor which she apparently told officers occurred when Howie is drunk.

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Seattle police pretty quickly detained Howie after the incident and eventually charged him with one count of fourth-degree abuse. He alleged not guilty, and he’s scheduled to appear in court later this month.

According to Carrie, she reported to the police that everything this may have started because Howie has been on edge lately. The singer’s vocation has stalled, and, apparently according to Carrie, he’s running out of cash.


[ Image via Axel Gimenez/ WENN .]