A couple of months ago, David Pendragon took to Facebook to tell people how some boys at clas were bullying his nephew, just because of his lunchbox. “My cousin, Emily, has a 10 -year-old son listed Ryker. Ryker, who loves “cat-o-nine-tails”, was very excited to get his new lunchbox. Unfortunately because of its hues, or because it has “cat-o-nine-tails”, or both he was teased about it by other sons in his class. He even wanted to stop taking his lunch so he wouldn’t be razzed about it any longer, ” Pendragon wrote on his Facebook wall.

So, the nature uncle decided to prove a detail, buying the same lunchbox and generating it to undertaking. And it sure labor! Once Pendragon shared the image of him and the lunchbox at work, the Internet extended crazy, with 148 k likes and over 60 k shares on Facebook, people concluded a practice to help Ryker and other young boys to be themselves. Strangers started buying the same or similar lunchboxes and announcing slides with them to Pendragon’s Facebook, and the best part is that the lunchboxes managed to get sold-out twice after the affix became viral.

Scroll down to see what Pendragon has to say about bullies, and tell us what you think it in the comments!

Meet Ryker, a 10 -year-old boy who was recently bullied in clas because of his coloured lunchbox

Image source: Emily Fowler

So, his uncle David Pendragon thought of a genius action to defend him

Image source: David Pendragon

He decided to order the exact same lunchbox and return it to drive, proving that boys can like whatever they want

Image source: David Pendragon

People loved Pendragon’s post so much better they decided to buy the same or same lunchboxes and create them to drive, currently, they’ve been sold out twice

Others likewise supported Ryker to ignore bullies and praised his older cousin for being so supportive

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