Johan van Hulst was a hero. He gambled his life rescuing over 600 Jewish children around persecution and demise during the course of its Holocaust.

The brave Dutchman recently passed away at persons under the age of 107, but he will perpetually be remembered for his incredible selflessness and risking his life to save others.

To read what life would then be like for those children had they not been saved, watch the video below. You’ll hear from Ron Jones, “whos” Auschwitz and existed to tell his narration :

Johan van Hulst lives in Amsterdam during the course of its Second World War and wreaked as a headmaster of a Protestant institution. The school shared a plot fence with a nursery where Nazis kept Jewish youths who were too young should be forwarded to concentration camps.

These infants were all under the age of 12 and taken from their parents. Eventually, they would be taken to the concentration camp to endure torture and specific death .

When the nursery was very full, the Nazis would arrange children placed in Hulst’s school. Sometimes, in cooperation with the women working in the nursery, other children would be smuggled over the shared hedge into the school.

Hulst then disguised the children in laundry baskets and sackings to bring them away from the region and into safe homes and new dwellings. He, and a few others who were part of this arrangement, set pedigrees willing to take up these children, allows them to escape to safety without enticing notice .

This was improbably dangerous and being caught would have made sure-fire extinction for Hulst. To bypass capture, he did not declare all of the children in his institution on official documents. By writing down fewer appoints than there used to be actual children, some could pass through undetected.

However, in 1945, before the end of the combat, an associate blew Hulst’s cover and he was forced to go into hide. Years afterward, the Netherlands would recognize him as a protagonist, and he would even serve in the country’s senate between 1956 and 1981.

Then, in 2012, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, officially recognized Hulst as Righteous Among The Nation. This is an honor given to non-Jewish people who risked their lives during the Second World War in order to save Jewish lives.

We read, those who save one life save a universe ,” Netanyahu said to Hulst while calling the Netherlands for the ceremony. ” You saved hundreds of worlds. I want to thank you in the name of the Jewish beings, but also in the name of humanity .”

The Netherlands actually has 5,000 people who have received the accolade of Righteous Among The Nations. Simply Poland has received more.

Although Hulst died in Amsterdam on March 22, he said his only misses was not being able to save more of the children from the nursery. A few years before his death, he answered, I actually merely think it is right what I have not given an opportunity to do. To those few thousand children that I could not have saved .”

Johan van Hulst was truly a selfless soldier, gambling his working life to save others ‘. How many of us could frankly announce we would have done the same? The significance he has determined in this world is immeasurable. He will always be remembered as a superstar. Rest in Peace.

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