Yeah, that’s gonna be a no from us, dawg.

Meghan King Edmonds had the * impertinence* to “recreate” Beyonce‘s iconic pregnancy photo shoot, and can we just say … no? Let’s told Queen Bey’s grow outburst of an announcement BE.

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On Friday, the 33 -year-old( who is currently expecting twin boys this June with husband Jim Edmonds ), shared on Instagram:

If I can’t be Queen Bey I’ll settle for King Edmonds #twinscomingsoon #imitationisflattery #thisIsNotMyMaternityShoot ————————– – Incredible photos and shoot organized by @heathermohrphotography #stlouismaternityphotographer fresh heydays by @awildflowershop makeup by @mwmakeupdesigns and hair( all those clip-in postponements !) by @salonmarosie( all your Stl necessary !)A post shared by Meghan King Edmonds (@ meghankedmonds) on Mar 9, 2018 at 5:41 am PST

OK we get you’re having twinneds and like Beyonce, they are due in June, but we just can’ coming in behind it. Imitation is not always best available species of praise, bb!

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[ Image via Instagram .]

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