What was your first command? Likelihoods are “its been” mama or papa, and for parents it’s always a favorite legend to tell. But as toddlers start to develop their lecture a little, some parents and family members like to have a little entertaining with them, and educate them to respond random and unbelievable things.

It all started when Dutch Tumblr user Marina, AKA theoceanempress shared her tale about the time she educated her little cousin to remark’ tax benefits.’ “It was a entertaining sight to realise a little toddler waddling around the house, wearing a big diaper, all the while howling “TAX BENEFITS !!!! ” She said.

Cousin Lianne is now 15 years old and the narration still comes up at all families convening. “The actual text I taught her was “belastingvoordeel, ” Marina told Bored Panda . “And that’s the word that prevents getting exclaimed randomly.” But why this utterance? “There’s a Spongebob episode where Spongebob said that name to chime more been growing, I consider? I think in English, he did’ tax exemption, ’ but in the Dutch dub, he did’ belastingvoordeel, ’ which makes tax benefits! So I thought it would be amusing to educate it to my little cousin.”

People immediately rushed on the narration to share comical examples of their own, as the berth rapidly went viral. Apparently trolling toddlers is a quite popular occasion to do. Coaching gnarly vocabulary is never a bad circumstance however, and embed linguistic grains into the fertile psyches of the young may one day countenance rich lyrical outcome!

Scroll down to check out some of the responses for yourself and tell us, what are the funniest things you’ve heard come out of a toddler’s cheek? Let us know in the comments!

It all began when Tumblr user theoceanempress shared her narrative about the time she learnt her little cousin to articulate’ tax benefits’

Image recognitions: theoceanempress

People instantly jump-start on the fib to share exhilarating a few examples of their own

Others were glad beings shared such amazing narratives and were pathetic they hadn’t thought of it sooner

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