Snapchat is making its World Lenses augmented actuality feature and opening them up to brands. Snap’s Imran Khan really announced the fact that there are the brand-new announce produce on theatre at Advertising Week New York, along with launch marriages Warner Bros and Bud Light, both of which will be debuting labelled 3D World Lenses as part of market campaigns.

The brand-new sponsored 3D World Lenses mean that label can try to create their very own Dancing Hot Dog style viral whizs, though fear admonishing: A charming hot dog might be a once in a lifetime thing.

These first two partners have their own 3D start-ups that you can add to real world situations exerting the Snapchat camera. Warner Bros is putting the “Spinner” car from the new Blade Runner 2049 feature movie into action, and Bud Light is offering up certain kinds of brew marketer worker, which is apparently from their ongoing TV campaign. Neither has hot dog-level charisma, but it’s a start.

Warner Bros – 3D Lens GIF

Warner Bros – 3D Lens IMAGE

Bud light – 3D Lens IMAGE

Bud Light – 3D Lens IMAGE 2

Bud Light – 3D Lens GIF