Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have bad blood no more! And Taylor Swift comes out on top!

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B squash their beef at the Met Gala!

Was the theme of Catholicism appropriate for the Met Gala?

Cardi B’s mad conflict subsequentlies!

Calvin Harris in a serous car clang!

Emma Stone and Justin Theroux are heating up!

And much more, including Elon Musk, Khloe Kardashian, Nikki Bella, Colton Haynes, Jada Pinkett Smith and MORE!

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KATY PERRY transmits Taylor Swift an olive brach:
http :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -0 5-08-taylor-swift-katy-perry-olive-branch-reputation-world-tour

CALVIN HARRIS and girlfriend in automobile clang:
http :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -0 5-08-calvin-harris-girlfriend-aarika-wolf-car-crash-beverly-hills-report

CARDI B in commotion with devotee:
http :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -0 5-08-cardi-b-met-gala-security-fan-fight-video

NICKI MINAJ and Cardi make peace:
http :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -0 5-08-nicki-minaj-cardi-b-squash-feud-met-gala-hang-out-jeremy-scott /

EMMA STONE and Justin Theroux:
http :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -0 5-08-emma-stone-justin-theroux-spotted-leaving-met-gala-after-party-together

ELON MUSK dating Grunges:
http :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -0 5-08-elon-musk-reportedly-dating-grimes-met-gala-red-carpet-photo

KHLOE KARDASHIAN places brand-new rules for cheating Tristan Thompson:
http :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -0 5-08-khloe-kardashian-tristan-thompson-another-chance-relationship

NIKKI BELLA concealing out and living with her sister following John Cena split:
http :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -0 5-08-nikki-bella-john-cena-brie-bella-breakup-vlog

COLTON HAYNES data for divorce:
http :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -0 5-08-colton-haynes-jeff-leatham-divorce-filed

ALLISON MACK wedded girlfriend last year:
http :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -0 5-08-smallville-actress-allison-mack-married-battlestar-galactica-alum-nicki-clyne-ahead-of-sex-trafficking-arrest

KATHY GRIFFIN is so like Kanye:
http :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -0 5-08-kathy-griffin-kill-list-twitter-rant-hollywood-mad-at-her-update

http :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -0 5-08-jada-pinkett-smith-will-regrets-dating-married-sheree-fletcher