Getting that excellent photo can be a challenge — even for health professionals. And when the Royal family is committed the competition to get the money shoot will be still more fierce.

A mum from Norfolk in the UK disturbed gold when she captured what’s been described as “the best image of the day” using an iPhone.

Karen Murdoch’s photo of four smiling imperials at Sandringham on Christmas Day intent up on the figurehead of several national newspapers in the UK.

She’s been lauded for out scooping 20 of the best photographers in the country.

Murdoch told the BBC she was “overwhelmed” by the “bizarre and bonkers” reply.

“It was unadulterated luck – I took it on an iPhone and it was a great photograph, ” she told BBC Breakfast. “The residual is history.”

Murdoch now plans to use any fund made from the epitome to help fund her daughter’s education.

The question is, what kind of iPhone did she use ?!

Mashable has reached out to Murdoch for observation and will revise this post accordingly.

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