Over the last few days, proprietors of Alexa-enabled manoeuvres have been reporting strange, unprompted humour from Amazon’s favourite articulation aide.

The creepy laughter has been trending on Twitter and users have been uploading videos to social media, causing a replies from Amazon who told The Verge,’ they were aware of the question and working to fix it ASAP’.

According to The Verge:

Amazon said its planned fix will involve disabling the phrase, a

Alexa, giggle, a

and changing the bidding to a

Alexa, are you able mock? a

The corporation says the latter quotation is a

less likely to have spurious positives, a

or in other words the Alexa software are unlikely mistake common words and quotations that announced same to the one that starts Alexa start chortling. a

We are also changing Alexaa

s response from simply laughter to a

Sure, I can titter, a

followed by humour, a

an Amazon representative said.

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