Clocks move forward this weekend, who are unable to necessitate it’s hour for the East Coast to struggle under hoofs of snow once again. Well, that or it’s time for Barack and Michelle Obama to team up with Netflix to raise shows to guide humanity into the future. While the world keeps rotating, however, let’s answer this one very important question: What was the rest of the internet up to last week?

Sam Nunberg Does the Rounds

What Happened: In a move that surely rejoiced everyone who’d ever wanted to ignore all legal advice and do something stupid, one witness in the ongoing investigation into potential Russian interference in the 2016 election decided to do a media tour after receiving a subpoena for proof. Whoops!

What Really Happened: Before last week, it’s perhaps fair to say that most people hadn’t heard of Sam Nunberg. Prior to Monday, he was pretty much known as a former Donald Trump campaign aide who didn’t like Trump. After this week, though? Well , now everyone were aware that Sam Nunberg is.