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There’s a entire world on YouTube that doesn’t involve ghastly parties, it exactly doesn’t feel that behavior right now.

The first week of 2018 wasn’t accurately a flag week for YouTube star Logan Paul, for example. Paul, known as the less offensive Paul brother (*&^@&#^?), knocked acts off by secreting a tone-deaf video where he encounters a dead body in Japan’s suicide forest. The dissension provoked a deliberation about what’s desirable content for YouTube( indication: it doesn’t concern gawking at suicide ), and caused countless older millennials and Gen-Xers to doubt, “Is there anyone not horrid on YouTube? “

Fellow minors, I’m pleased to report there are.

If you’re not that familiar with the vlogging society, it’s likely you merely heard about two YouTube identities in the past time — Logan Paul, or a YouTube personality worded “PewDewPie” who loves to acquire gags about dead Jews.

Thankfully, there are( mostly incredibly young) vloggers out there establishing primarily innocuous , not entirely insipid, and sometimes even — get ready for it — good content.

Here are just a few.

1. Liza Koshy

Just 21 years old, Liza Koshy is one of those incredibly successful young people who actually deserves everything that’s coming to them. She’s a skilled physical comedian who raises well-cut( i.e. not insanely choppy) videos, and her compas of notions is wide-ranging. It’s the kind of content you can be non-depressed that girls are watching.

2. Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh did $10.5 million in 2016 and she did it without capitalizing on a misfortune in a suicide wood. Instead, she relied on her natural comedic instincts, spot-on impersonations of her mothers, and genuinely discerning commentary on young adult life.

3. videogamedunkey

If you’re brand-new to video game commentary, or chiefly detest it but want to learn, videogamedunkey is where it’s at. Videogamedunkey doesn’t have the painful arrogance like others in his genre, and he’s actually capable of crafting undertake, well-constructed narrations. Who knew that such a thing was probable on YouTube?

4. Lindsay Ellis

For all you notebook learners out there, there’s Lindsay Ellis, a media critic who really becomes media assessment passable. Ellis addresses everything from fading Disney rascals to nostalgia, without ever sounding like your “Intro to Film Theory” TA/ wannabe professor.

5. Bill Wurtz

Bill Wurtz is less of a YouTube personality than he is a producer of deeply quirky invigorated videos, but he’s on this list because I like him so goshdarn much. You’ve likely construed at the least one of the following options videos and envisage, “I’m appalled by how much I affection this.”

Sure, some of his more unreliable substance perimeters on twee, but we all necessity a little Wes Anderson in our lives.

6. Nathan Zed

Nathan Zed doesn’t vlog frequently, partly for personal reasons, and partly because this is the only way communicates when there’s something that needs to be said. Zed is one of the more attentive ones of the cluster, addressing everything from mas positivity to the responsibilities of YouTube temperaments.( Yes! He actually “ve been thinking about” this !)

7. Hannah Hart

You perhaps know Hart from “My Drunk Kitchen, ” her weekly YouTube serial where she cooks while intoxicated. Hart also utters videos that are more personal and specific to the LGBTQ community, whether it’s about the coming out process or organizing homosexual relations.

8. Kingsley

Kingsley is another familiar, proudly out YouTube personality. Kingsley’s commentary about everything about Katy Perry’s betrayal of the homosexuals to “Tragic Gingerbread houses” is like old-school Buzzfeed, modernise and fixed better for 2017.

8. Evelyn from the Internets

Watch this video. Soak up all that magical material. Only then can you return to this post.

Evelyn from the Internet has done more than this viral video — including everything from makeup lessons to ethnic commentary — but this is a YouTuber at the height of her form.

9. Bretman Rock

Known, accurately, as “The Internet’s most fabulously ferocious makeup leader, ” Rock rose to fame with his breakout “How to Contour” video series.

10. Primitive Technology

Who would have ever had considered that a video entitled “Reusable charcoal mound” would achieve over 10 million views? Not me, surely, and not any person I know.

Still, Primitive Technology, who constructs inventions cavemen would have constructed, has only one insanely loyal following, with close to 7 million subscribers .

Best of all? He barely talks.

Apparently, the key to reigning a stage that incessantly excretes verbal diarrhea is to embrace silence.

It’s a lesson for all of the light, beautiful wannabe YouTube stars everywhere.

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